Frequently Asked Questions about Boston Street Storage

What time can I visit my space?

The facility and your space are accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What kind of self storage do you provide?

Boston Street Storage provides indoor, climate controlled self storage, as well as outdoor, drive-up self storage. Available unit sizes include 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20 and 10x30 to meet any storage need.

How do I get in touch with a storage representative?

You can call us at (220) 786-7348, email us at info@bostonstreetstorage.com, or send us a message using our Contact Form.

How do I rent?

Boston Street Storage provides both contactless rental online as well as in person rentals in our office onsite.

Are your units climate controlled?

Yes, each unit is climate controlled to provide an ideal storage environment. Our state of the art facility controls temperature, both heat and cooling, as well as humidity, giving you peace of mind from warping, fading, or damage.

Is Boston Street Storage a secure facility?

Yes, Boston Street Storage is fully fenced, brightly lit with 24/7 camera surveillance, digital gate access security systems and illuminated parking lot.

Are locks provided?

You may bring and use whatever lock you would like. We also have locks available for purchase in the office.

Do you offer tenant property protection plans or insurance?

We provide affordable tenant property protection plans to fit your level of comfort. All tenants are required to provide proof of insurance or purchase one of our Storage Protection Plans. Some, though not all, homeowner's and renter's insurance policies will cover your items while they are in our facility. Tenants must provide proof of insurance within 14 days of renting your space or you will be automatically enrolled in the minimum coverage protection plan. Please read your policy thoroughly before relying on it for the protection of your property.

Do I have to sign a Long Term Lease?

No. Our standard lease is month-to-month.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first day of every month.

How do I make payments?

We accept all major debit or credit cards and have online payment available.

Autopay is the most reliable and convenient way to make your storage payment, as long as your credit card and credit card billing address is up to date. 

What’s the best way to pack up boxes and containers to place into storage?

Fill containers to capacity. Partially full or bulging cartons may tip or collapse. Heavy items like books or tools should be packed in small boxes so they are easy to lift. Protect your fragile goods with packing (i.e. , bubble wrap) and place them near the top of your storage space. Label boxes. Take home a list of your labeled boxes for easy reference when you need to locate your goods.

Is there any particular way to arrange my things in my storage space?

Pack the storage space carefully. Leave air space around the perimeter to aid ventilation.  Leave a walkway to the rear of your space for easy access. Use all the space available, including the height, and place frequently used goods near the door.

Do I need to give notice when I move out?

Yes. We require 10 days notice when you vacate your unit to ensure there are not additional charges. On the day of your move out, please remove your lock and make sure your unit is broom clean and you have cleaned up any oil spots or spills in the unit. 

Do you have a restroom facility?

Yes. They are available to you via your access code even if the office is closed.